Which subscription programme is best for me?

The following calculator can help you select the subscription programme offered by Attica Tollway which is most advantageous for you based on your vehicle category and the number of times you pass through the toll stations per calendar month (e.g. July 1st-31st).

The toll costs presented in the calculator and the table are calculated in Euros.

  • Select "Vehicle Category", in the available list.
  • Enter the number of times you usually pass through the tolls within a month
  • Select "CALCULATE"

    Two wheels - One wheel per axle


    Private Passenger Cars
    (may have small trailer and/or roof racks)
    Height h<1.30m at the first axle and h<1.30 at third axle (if any)


    Light Commercial Vehicles
    Height h>1.30m at the first axle
    Total height H<2.70m


    Cars with tall trailers
    Mini buses with less than 13 seats
    Height h<1.30 at the first axle and h>1.30 at third axle


    Big Buses with more than 15 seats
    Small and medium Trucks
    Height H>2.70m and 2 or 3 axles


    Big Trucks
    Total height H>2.70m with 4 axles or more

Vehicle Category
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