The operation company

“Attikes Diadromes S.A.”, founded in 1999, has undertaken the operation and maintenance of Attica Tollway.

The main objective of "Attikes Diadromes S.A." is to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted and smooth operation of the motorway (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), along with the provision of high-quality services to the users.



Traffic Management and Motorway Maintenance

The main competences of the Traffic Management and Motorway Maintenance Department are, among others:

  • Traffic control and monitoring
  • Management of emergency incidents and planned activities
  • Road assistance
  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs, as may be required in order to preserve the good condition of the motorway
  • Maintenance of operation and maintenance vehicles and facilities
  • Routine works, such as cleaning of the motorway.

The "heart" of traffic management lies in the Traffic Management Centre (T.M.C.) which is located in Paiania and operates on a 24-hour basis. Through the full-time presence of specialized personnel and the use of high-tech equipment, the T.M.C. continuously monitors traffic conditions along the entire motorway and is immediately informed of any problems arising, about which it will also notify any other competent authorities as appropriate.

Apart from traffic management, maintenance also plays a crucial role in a project of this size. Maintenance works form an integral part of the daily activities on the Attica Tollway and are divided into two main categories: preventive and corrective maintenance.

Technological infrastructure

  • The Traffic Management System (T.M.S.) is the technological interface for the T.M.C. personnel and offers, together with the rest of the equipment deployed on the motorway, continuous information to the personnel at "Attikes Diadromes S.A.", regarding traffic conditions along the length of the motorway.

    The technological systems used by the T.M.C. are divided into two categories:

Incident detection systems

This category includes the entire infrastructure which enables the T.M.C. to be informed of what is happening on the motorway, at all times.

  • Inductive loops (sensors) placed every 500 meters inside the asphalt pavement of the open sections of the motorway and every 60 meters inside tunnels, providing information regarding the volume, speed and density of traffic. These sensors enable the prompt detection of any problems causing disruption to the smooth flow of traffic and automatically activates intervention procedures to deal with the problem.
  • Closed Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) located along the length of Attica Tollway, transmitting a full view of motorway traffic conditions back to the monitors of the T.M.C. Control Room.
  • Meteorological stations located at various positions along Attica Tollway, providing information on any changes in the meteorological conditions and in particular adverse weather conditions.

    This provides early warning to the operator and enables him to ensure that all operator units are on standby ready to respond.

Systems for incident response

The T.M.C.:

  • Is in constant communication with the patrol units driving along the motorway, whose main task is to locate any emergency incidents and promptly proceed with immediate intervention and the restoration of traffic circulation;
  • Notifies drivers of any problems they may encounter along their journey, through the electronic Variable Message Signs, which are located at the entrance points as well as along the length of the motorway;
  • Informs the Vehicle Recovery Units operating under the control of "Interamerican", as well as the Heavy Vehicles Road Assistance Unit (HVRA). Both units intervene in cases of immobilized vehicles and transfer them to the nearest motorway exit, free of charge; in this way, assistance is promptly provided to the drivers of immobilized vehicles and the impact on motorway traffic flow is minimized;
  • Informs, as necessary, the competent Traffic Police Department, the Ambulance Service (EKAB) and the Fire Brigade, whose intervention may be essential to the safe operation of the motorway;
  • Coordinates the works which are executed on a daily basis by the intervention-maintenance teams, aimed at preserving the motorway in good condition and preventing potential hazards to users.
Mechanical and technological equipment


  • 222 Closed Circuit TV cameras (CCTV);
  • 15 Mainline Variable Message Signs, located along the length of Attica Tollway (MVMS);
  • 57 Access point Variable Message Signs, at the entrance points to Attica Tollway (AVMS);
  • 30 Single Line Variable Message Signs, located along the length of Attica Tollway (SLVMS);
  • 71 Variable Message Signs located at toll stations (Toll VMS);
  • 586 induction loop arrays (every 500m in the open motorway sections and every 60m inside tunnels), registering traffic volume and speed (Vehicle Detection System - VDS);
  • 560 Lane Control Signs (LCS);
  • 359 Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS);
  • 44 Over Height Vehicle Detectors, located at the entrance points (OHVD);
  • 3 meteorological stations, measuring parameters such as temperature, wind, humidity, air pressure;
  • Environmental Stations transmitting real-time measurements, through the SCADA system (8 fixed locations for air pollution, 8 fixed locations for noise pollution, 1 mobile noise measurement unit executing 200 measurements on an annual basis, at predetermined locations);
  • 1024 Emergency Telephone number;
  • TETRA communication systems.


The T.M.C.'s equipment includes 1 video wall, consisting of 8 "natural cubes" of 70 'and 8 workstations.


Fleet of vehicles and machinery

  • 35 vans for intervention purposes in the event of incidents and for the execution of routine maintenance works. The vehicles are fully equipped with all necessary instruments (cones, signs, etc.) and with variable message signs.
  • 15 mini vans for the maintenance of the electromechanical equipment installed on Attica Tollway.
  • 3 small cranes for the provision of road assistance to users.
  • 8 No. 4X4 pick up vehicles for the transportation of materials.
  • 4 No. 4X4 passenger vehicles for the transportation of people and materials.
  • 29 passenger vehicles bearing the company logo and used by "Attikes Diadromes S.A." personnel for company purposes.
  • 1 bus, for transport of personnel, with a capacity of 18 passengers.
  • 2 motorcycles for intervention purposes where the traffic congestion makes it difficult for any other vehicle to approach the incident.
Project machinery
  • 5 multi-purpose UNIMOG machines for cleaning the road pavement, the toll stations and tunnels and which can also operate as snow-ploughing machines, when fitted with the appropriate equipment (blade, salt spreader).
  • 8 trucks for transporting materials which can also operate as snow-ploughing machines, when fitted with the appropriate equipment.
  • 5 sweepers (brushes) for the execution of maintenance works, such as cleaning the road pavement and pumping any stagnant water.
  • 3 elevators for the execution of works above the surface of the road pavement.
  • 4 loaders for loading and transporting materials.
Other mobile equipment
  • 5 mobile signage trailers equipped with a flashing arrow, used in cases of temporary closure of traffic lanes;
  • 2 Mobile Variable Message Signs (VMS).
Roadside Assistance

For the provision of free roadside assistance services to the users of Attica Tollway, "Attikes Diadromes S.A." cooperates with Road Assistance Companies, which provide their services free of charge to those in need on a 24-hour basis, by making available:

  • 4 vehicles for the provision of roadside assistance to light vehicles (under 2.5 tons).
  • 1 vehicle for the provision of roadside assistance to heavy vehicles.

The aforementioned resources constitute the minimum road assistance resources on Attica Tollway and may be increased if so required (e.g. increased number of incidents at peak hours, trapped vehicles in the event of snowfalls, etc).

Snow-ploughing operations

Apart from the snow-ploughing machines owned by the company, in the event of snowfalls, the subcontractor makes available:

  • 9 trucks equipped with a blade and salt spreader.
  • 6 salt loaders.

If required, additional snow-ploughing machinery can be promptly provided.

Human Resources

Number of Employees

Today, approximately 1,200 employees in the following specialties are involved in the operation, maintenance and management of the motorway:

  • Engineers, Traffic Engineers and other professionals, directing and supporting the general managerial tasks of the company;
  • Traffic management personnel;
  • Toll and customer service personnel.
On-going personnel training

On an annual basis, the personnel of the patrol and intervention teams receive training in the following matters:

  • First aid for incidents on Attica Tollway, for injuries, etc
  • Provision of assistance to the Fire Service and use of fire prevention equipment
  • Tunnel safety
  • Basic Traffic Techniques
  • Safety at work.

In particular, with regard to the issue of tunnel safety, the personnel of "Attikes Diadromes S.A." undertake specialized training at regular intervals through simulated training, which recreates actual incidents under real conditions. This way, personnel familiarize themselves with the response techniques for handling emergencies in tunnels, in order to be able to assist the competent State Authorities, if so required.