The FRIENDLY TRUCK prepayment subscription programme offers you a graduated increasing discount, according to the number of toll passages performed on a monthly basis. Therefore, the more you use the Attiki Odos, on a monthly basis, the less you pay.

Who is it addressed to

The Friendly Truck Subscription Program will benefit those who perform from 36+ passages per month, in the 5th category and those who perform from 34+ passages per month, in the 6th category. This programme refers to small and medium trucks, of a total height exceeding 2.70m, with 2 or 3 axles and large buses (with over 15 seats), as well as large trucks with or without trailers, of a total height exceeding 2.70m and with 4 or more axles.

Why it is beneficial to you

  • You save money since, the more you use the Attiki Odos, on a monthly basis, the greater the discount you get!
  • For your transactions at toll stations, you use the Account Card, without having to look for cash and wait for change.
  • You receive the monthly itemised toll transaction bill, including all the toll transactions performed within the month by each Account Card (day, time, toll station), through the mail. In any case and at NO EXTRA CHARGE, you may receive a copy of your itemised toll transaction bill, provided that you give us an email address, where you wish us to send you the relevant electronic file.

The FRIENDLY TRUCK subscription programme comes with a monthly standard fee for each Account Card. Moreover, you can fill in your e-mail and following, through the site you can register for the service "OnLine Account Management" which gives you the possibility to view all your monthly passages statements free of charge, starting from the date of your registration until today.

Pre-payment Subscription Programmes Price List FRIENDLY TRUCK
Vehicle category 2, 3, 4 5 6
Toll Rates For entries/ transactions realised within the same calendar month [1] The first 30 entries/transactions of the month 2,55 € 6,47 € 10,29 €
The next 20 entries/transactions (31st to 50th) during the same month 2,30 € 5,83 € 9,28 €
More than 50 entries/transactions (51st and over) during the same month 2,05 € 5,20 € 8,27 €
Monthly Fixed Fee (per e-PASS transponder / Account Card) [2] 3,72 €
e-PASS transponder / Account Card Guarantee 0,00 €
Minimum Amount for the Activation of the Subscription Account 30,00 € 50,00 € 100,00 €
Replacement Cost [3] 20,00 € 5,00 € 5,00 €
Warning Level for Credit Card Replenishment (per e-PASS transponder / Account Card) [4] 25,00 € 50,00 €
Low Account Warning Level (per e-PASS transponder / Account Card) [5] 16,00 € 40,00 €
Bad Account Level (per e-PASS transponder / Account Card) [6] 6,00 € 12,00 €

[1] The discounts of the present Price List are calculated based on the nominal toll rates in force of Attiki Odos Motorway. In the event of adjustment of the aforementioned toll rates, the Company reserves the right to readjust the present Price List. The toll rates are calculated incrementally per e-PASS transponder / Account Card for the entries/transactions realised from the 1st to the last day of each month.

[2] It is paid per e-PASS transponder / Account Card and is calculated in proportion to the number of activation days of the e-PASS transponder / Account Card.

[3] Means the amount the Subscriber will pay to the Company, in case the e-PASS transponder or the Account Card is declared stolen, lost or damaged.

[4] Means the level which automatically activates the standing order for the replenishment of the Subscription Account through Credit Card. The Subscriber may readjust the level at a higher amount.

[5] Means the warning optical and/or acoustic signal which warns the Subscriber that the balance of his/her Subscription Account is low and reaches the Bad Account Level. The Subscriber may readjust the level at a higher amount.

[6] Means the level of the Subscription Account over which no Subscription Entry is allowed by the electronic toll system. The last Subscription Entry can only be realised if the Subscription Account has a cash balance higher than the Bad Account Level. Otherwise, the entry can only be realised through a manual lane with payment of the full toll rate without discount.

The prices of the present Price List are VAT 24% inclusive.
The current pricelist is valid since July 1st, 2016