The FRIENDLY prepayment subscription programme to all drivers using the Attiki Odos very frequently, who perform more than 88 passages on a monthly basis. Users driving passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles, of a total height up to 2.70m, may subscribe to this programme.

Why it is beneficial to you

  • You save money since, the more you use the Attiki Odos, on a monthly basis, the greater the discount you get!
  • You use the exclusive e-PASS lanes, therefore gaining valuable time when passing through the tolls.
  • You receive the monthly itemised toll transaction bill, including all the toll transactions performed within the month (day, time, toll station) for each e-Pass device, through the mail. In any case and at NO EXTRA CHARGE, you may receive a copy of your itemised toll transaction bill, provided that you give us an email address, where you wish us to send you the relevant electronic file.

The FRIENDLY subscription programme comes with a monthly standard fee for each e-Pass device. Moreover, you can fill in your e-mail and following, through the site you can register for the service "OnLine Account Management" which gives you the possibility to view all your monthly passages statements free of charge, starting from the date of your registration until today.