The toll system implemented at Attica Tollway is of open-type with a single charge for all routes. That is, drivers pay tolls only once, when they enter the Tollway.

This helps relieve the traffic problems of short distance journeys, enabling the Tollway to absorb a large proportion of the traffic travelling across the Athens basin, thereby accomplishing the objectives set before construction by the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (the current Ministry of Infrastructures, Transportation and Networks).

Toll Rates

The toll rate for each vehicle depends on the vehicle category, which is determined based on its height and number of axles.

Vehicle categories and the respective toll rates are determined in the concession contract, as ratified by Law 2445/96.

The new rates, applicable from July 1st, for drivers making cash payments are as follows:

  • 1

    Two wheels - One wheel per axle

    1,40 €
  • 2

    Private Passenger Cars
    (may have small trailer and/or roof racks)
    Height h<1.30m at the first axle and h<1.30 at third axle (if any)

    2,80 €
  • 3

    Light Commercial Vehicles
    Height h>1.30m at the first axle
    Total height H<2.70m

    2,80 €
  • 4

    Cars with tall trailers
    Mini buses with less than 13 seats
    Height h<1.30 at the first axle and h>1.30 at third axle

    2,80 €
  • 5

    Big Buses with more than 15 seats
    Small and medium Trucks
    Height H>2.70m and 2 or 3 axles

    7,10 €
  • 6

    Big Trucks
    Total height H>2.70m with 4 axles or more

    11,30 €