International collaborations

With a view to continuously improving the infrastructures and services provided, the executives of "Attikes Diadromes S.A." take active part in many recognized international bodies and organizations, whilst maintaining close ties to the international academic community.

International organizations
TRB (Transportation Research Board of the National Academies)

TRB is a department of the USA National Research Council and provides independent consultancy services on scientific and technical issues. Its mission is to promote innovation in the field of transportation. TRB facilitates the exchange of information, provides consultancy on transportation programmes, publishes research results for the general and encourages the application of their findings.

ΙΒΤΤΑ (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association)

ΙΒΤΤΑ is a global organization with members numbering more than 320 companies from 50 countries of the world managing toll motorways, bridges and tunnels. IBTTA is a forum for exchange of technical know-how and best practices, primarily aiming to improve, promote and strengthen services provided in the transportation sector.

IRF (International Road Federation)

IRF is an internationally acknowledged, non-profit organization promoting the on-going improvement of road axes and road transport systems worldwide, with a focus on road safety and environmental protection. It was established in 1948 and, currently, more than 500 governments, companies and international associations finance the operation of its offices in Washington, Switzerland and Geneva.


In addition to their active participation in the works and conferences of international, recognized agencies, the executives of "Attikes Diadromes S.A." also cooperate with noted professors in the Technical University Schools of Greece, as well as European and US Universities, who, with extensive experience in transport systems design, have developed Attica Tollway traffic simulation models at the micro and macro levels. Traffic simulation has been used to determine geometrical characteristics and traffic conditions on the motorway, with a view to eliciting information regarding the speeds developed by the drivers, travel times, delays caused by accidents, etc. The cooperation between "Attica Tollway S.A." and acknowledged establishments is constantly expanding in other fields as well.


2015 Corporate Social Responsibility: Award for the campaign of Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Forum

The operation company of Attica Tollway “Attikes Diadromes S.A.” was awarded the Silver Award in the category "Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign 2015” within the framework of the 9h ethos Sustainability Forum & Awards 2015. The award relates to the Road Safety Educational Seminar "Eyes open on the road!". The company obtained the 2nd place among other candidate companies such as Roche Hellas, INTERAMERICAN, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE and NOVARTIS HELLAS SA.

The seminar "Eyes open on the road!" aims to raise awareness among teenagers on road safety issues and was created by “Attikes Diadromes S.A.” with the collaboration of motorcycle expert Mr. Thanassis Hountras. The seminar has been approved by the Ministry of Education for implementation in schools across the country, and received the "Excellence in Road Safety 2015” Award by the European Commission in Brussels.

2015 Quality Management: Thales Tollway Quality Management System / Award by International Road Federation (IRF)

The operation company “Attikes Diadromes S.A.” was awarded the 1st prize in the category “Quality Management” by the International Road Federation / IRF, the leading international institution which promotes and rewards pioneering practices and the persons who contribute to transport and make it a key factor in global socio-economic development. The ceremony was held in Istanbul, within the framework of the International Transport Forum.

The Quality Management System “Thales” collects data, monitors performance and compares the company’s goals and results with the customers’ perception of the services provided, hence ensuring the highest level of service provided to the customers – users of Attica Tollway. The “Thales” system combines procedures certified by ISO with a management information system based on 35 Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s, related to safety, customer service, motorway maintenance and toll collection. What makes the “Thales” Quality Management System unique is the way that the grid of the self-assessment tools is combined with the customer satisfaction surveys. To achieve that, the company uses annual Road Side Surveys and Mystery Shopping, to verify its performance against the expectations of the Attica Tollway users. 

Project Management: 1st prize from the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBΤTA)
1ο βραβείο
1ο βραβείο "Toll Excellence Award/Administration Category" από την Διεθνή Ένωση Γεφυρών, Σηράγγων (ΙΒΤΤΑ)

Attica Tollway and Attikes Diadromes were honored with the 1st Prize on the "Toll Excellence Award/Administration Category" by the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association for Project Management.

The "Toll Excellence Award", which is the crowning honor within the sector, coveted by every company and organization involved in motorway operation, was awarded to Attica Tollway and Attikes Diadromes for implementation of the innovative programme ?Monitoring Success? put into operation by the Company Management, for recording and continuous monitoring of Performance Indices, with the aim of improving services provided. These Performance Indices are determined by the successful application of the methods and processes followed.

More specifically, the category "Administration" relates to the sectors of Strategic Organization, Financial Management, Legal Support, Information, Human Resources and Risk Evaluation, sectors and activities which, based on a homogenous Internal Organizational Structure, record and quantify the implementation of practical measures by all the company's departments and divisions.

2013 True Leader Award

The operation company of Attica Tollway ?Attikes Diadromes S.A.? has been distinguished for the 3rd consecutive year within the framework of the ?True Leaders? event, an institution launched in the Greek market by ICAP.

The company ?Attikes Diadromes S.A.? was ranked together with 42 other Greek companies among the True Leaders of the market and stood out from a total of 20,500 companies, based on objective criteria which are published by all companies and business groups of the country.

2011 Customer Service Award: 1st prize in the category "Back Office" by the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

Attikes Diadromes SA, the company operating Attica Tollway, was awarded the first prize in the category "Team of the Year: Back Office" for the year 2011. The National Customer Service Awards are awarded by the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (EIEP), a nonprofit organisation founded in 2004.

The Back Office teams of Attikes Diadromes support and contribute to the optimal service offered in the Toll Stations of the Motorway, the Customer Service Centers, the Telephone Customer Service, the on-line services, the Emergency Phone Number 1866 and the Patrol and Intervention Teams in case of incident.

The important distinction for "Attikes Diadromes SA" rewards the coordinated effort of the Attica Tollway, which aims at the continuous improvement of the services offered to the users and the subscribers of the motorway

2010: Safest road: 1st automotive prize

Within the scope of the Automotive Awards, Attica Tollway won 1st Prize for being the "Safest Road in Greece", based on the low rate of car accidents and the safety standards of construction and operation.

2009, 2010 Road Safety campaign: 1st prize at the CEO & CSR Money Conference

Attica Tollway launches frequent social campaigns on the subjects of road safety, whereas the messages are designed aiming at special audiences, depending on the communication needs. The special action by Attica Tollway, aiming at motorcyclists (campaigns for the information and raising of awareness of motorcyclists on the subjects of safe driving/issue and distribution of special guide with tips on safe driving for motorcycles) was awarded 1st prize in the framework of the "CEO & CSR 2009" conference organized by the Money Conference in collaboration with Eurocharity. In the same event of 2010 the safe driving campaign for motorcycles and cars won first social campaign prize again.

2007 Contribution to Road Safety: Greek Road Federation prize

The Greek Road Federation, in the framework of the International Conference "Roads of the Future" organized by the University of Patras, under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Technical Chamber of Greece and the International Road Federation, awarded "ATTIKES DIADROMES S.A." for its contribution to road safety.

2005 Contribution to Road Safety: 1st prize from the International Road Federation (IRF)

Road safety played a defining role in the construction of the Attica Tollway, which was based on high international standards, and continues to be a constant goal of its operation. The motorway created new standards in the sector of road safety providing top-level services and won international acclaim with the award of the 1st European Price to Attikes Diadromes by the International Road Federation, for the company’s contribution to Road Safety.

2005 Safety Level: Mototech Award

In the framework of the AUTOCAR 2005 prizes, MOTOTECH awarded Attikes Diadromes S.A. with the Road Safety Award for the high standards of the motorway’s operation and the leading quality of the services provided to the road’s users.