Account Card

If your vehicle is a truck or a motorcycle, then, upon registering for any of our subscription programmes, you will be provided with the special Account Card.

How do I use the special Account Card?

You pass through a lane served by a collection officer, presenting your account card on each occasion.

Which lanes should the holders of special Account Cards use?

The lanes served by a toll collection officer.

What do the messages displayed on the lane mean?

Depending on your available account balance and the subscription programme you have selected, one of the following messages will appear on the toll station display screen:

  • ΕΓΚΥΡΟ- Good: You may pass. The balance of your account is sufficient to pay the necessary charge.

  • ΟΡΙΑΚΟ- Low: Account renewal warning. Make sure you renew the cash balance of your account soon. You may obtain information about your remaining account levels and renewal time limits from the Customer Service Centers and the Customer Telephone Service (210-6682222).

  • ΑΚΥΡΟ- Bad: You may not pass. Your account balance is insufficient to cover the transaction. In this case, the bar WILL NOT BE LIFTED. You must promptly renew the cash balance of your account. For the specific transaction, you must pay the full toll fee, without any discount.