Tolls may be paid using electronic means (in addition to the cash payment) in the following ways:

  • e-PASS: The e-Pass device is a transceiver which, (if properly attached to the vehicle's windscreen) when vehicle passes through the separate electronic toll lanes in compliance with the Road Traffic Code, will allow the toll system to identify it and activate the electronic transaction process accordingly. In this way, the toll gate bar is lifted at the same time as the user's account is automatically charged; the user saves time and also receives significant discounts in accordance with the subscription programme they have registered with.

  • Special Account Card: The drivers of motorcycles, trucks or buses may pay the toll using the special Account Card. Specifically, users take the lanes with a toll collection officer and simply show their Card, thus avoiding transactions in cash and benefiting from the applicable discounts.
    Truck or bus drivers who use the interoperable road network (Olympia Odos, Moreas, Aegean Motorway and (from the 1st quarter of 2013) Rion-Antirion Bridge) can replace their Account Card with the interoperable e-PASS transponder, which they can use when travelling on the participating motorways, at those electronic toll lanes that have the signage of electronic transaction and set no height restrictions.
    In Attica Tollway they can use only the manual lanes with toll collector (except the toll station at Roupaki, where there is an electronic lane for trucks and buses).

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